Welcome to 10X USP by Moe Nawaz

In this course you will learn every step of the process for creating your 10X USP.

STEP 1: Read the 1oX USP Guide

Step 2: Watch the Video

Step 3: 10X USP Exercise Template

Knowing Your 10X USP Guide

5 USP 10X rules that sets you apart from all the other business in your field.

How to Create 10X USP Video Course

Discover How You Can Double Your Sales in 90 Days Or Less If You Have a Powerful 10X USP That Sets Your Product Or Service Apart From Your Competitors.

10X USP Template

In this template we’re going to cover exactly how to build your 10X USP and give you examples of how I built mine.


Welcome to the “10X USP” Course. My name is Moe Nawaz and I will be taking you through this course.

Training Steps

Step 1: Read Free 10X USP Guide
Step 2: Watch Video: 26 min 29 Sec
Step 3: 10X USP Template


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